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Social Engineering

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Numerous health care agencies, businesses, banks and retail outlets have all been subjected to attacks via the Internet with headline news coverage and even more massive losses.  The majority of these attacks have been from professional cyber crooks who use social engineering (the art of manipulating, influencing, or deceiving you in order to gain control over your computer system) to gain access to sensitive data. They might use the phone, email, snail mail or direct contact to gain illegal access. Phishing and spear-phishing are forms of social engineering and cause 93% of these breaches.

Attacks have soared and IT professionals expect it will only get worse. The most cost-effective way to reduce risk and stop attacks is to solve the "Human Factor" in cyber security.

Phishing and social engineering tactics have become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. World renowned security expert, Kevin Mitnick noted, “The threat posed by malware should not be underestimated, particularly considering that employees have consistently proven to be the weak link in companies’ Internet security efforts. In most cases, their involvement is unintentional – they unknowingly allow access to corporate networks simply because they don’t know what to watch out for.”

Fortunately, there is a simple and cost effective way to manage this problem in your organization.

Effective Security Awareness Training is designed to train employees on what to look for and how to recognize when someone is trying to social engineer them. They learn how to spot phishing, spear-phishing, malware and other forms of social engineering and can be kept on their toes with regular phishing tests to keep security top of mind. 

Regularly-scheduled phishing security tests can help users who fall for the simulated phishing attacks with instant remedial training to reinforce and improve their awareness, putting in place a “human firewall” that can help protect your organization. They are also used to keep users aware of the many ways cyber criminals will attempt unauthorized access.

To help organizations determine their risk, companies can request a free phishing security test to determine the percentage of your employees who are Phish-prone™, or susceptible to phishing. 

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