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Why Sophos?

Do security for businesses only.  Keep it simple.

Be there when you need us.

Antivirus, encryption, web and email:
DCS Netlink protects whatever needs protecting in your environment: computers, laptops, virtual desktops and servers, mobile devices, and your web and email gateway. Malware?  Covered. And we’ll make sure your critical business data is protected too.
Today's users work everywhere, and we help you keep them productive and secure. We keep your network up and make data safe. By keeping resource impact low, we make sure security doesn't get in the way. Our deployment and policy setting is easy. It all adds up to technology that helps you address urgent issues fast, reduce security gaps and save money. You choose the level of protection that's right for your business. Get everything in one license. Or, mix and match to find the best product for you.

Endpoint security
Create a secure environment by proactively detecting new threats and addressing the sources of infection. From the web, USB keys, or peer-to-peer file-sharing apps, we've got you covered. And we’ll help you secure virtual and mobile resources.

Encryption and DLP
Proven and simple,,,  People lose things. That compromises data. We make secure data sharing easy with our full-disk, removable storage and email encryption. We've built sensitive data scanning into our desktop antivirus and email protection. No separate deployment needed — it's an all-in-one product.

No. 1 source of infection, the web - covered!
Let your users browse safely and easily monitor their productivity on the Internet. Our automatic anonymizing proxy filtering stops users from bypassing policy controls. And cut out blind spots with HTTPS filtering that scans SSL-encrypted traffic for threats.

Management Console
You'll get the information you need with our at-a-glance dashboards and customizable reports. And you can set and deploy policies that will control the use of everything from USB keys to IM apps.

Smaller Business and don’t have an IT team?
We have you covered. Simplified security without cutting effectiveness. We have YOUR small business solutions. The DCS Team can be YOUR Team! Don't take chances, ask for more...


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